Nirvana Memorial Park

NV Asia Nirvana Malaysia富贵山庄


Peace of Mind





缅怀先祖追思故人 ,逝者安息追悼者心怡.


Of Earthly Beauty and Eternal Peace...Oriental Crafted Memorial


Nirvana Urns , Ashes Urn Compartment 富贵山庄骨灰殿

Nirvana urns/ ashes urn compartment is a structure with compartment or niches (small spaces) for placement of ashes or cremated remains in urns. In NV Multi Asia Group Nirvana Malaysia / NVAsia Nirvana Memorial Park Malaysia, each urns/ ashes urn compartment are unique design with space for individual stela. It is a spacious and comfortable resting place which is in harmony with a peaceful environment of great splendor and serenity. The departed will be able to rest peacefully while their descendants acquire abundance of prosperity, health, longevity and great fortune.

There are superb choices of single, double, or family compartment at affordable prices for choices and also caters the needs for the Buddhists, Taoists, Christian, Catholic etc.

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百孝林特别优惠配套, RM36,360起。  

百孝林骨灰殿双位 +保养费 , 服务费+ 1套富贵安祥殡仪套装 

(只须 20% 首期定金 + 高达 36个月的 0% 利息付款 ) 




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PROMOTION for PRENEED ONLY (valid 31/3/2014)

30% Discount for PRENEED Funeral Package - NV Honour / NV Elegant / NV Gracious. $2000 Discount for PRENEED NV Harmony.

预购富贵如意,富贵安祥,富贵圣恩殡仪套装 ,可享有价格30%的特别优惠.NV Harmony $2000优惠

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